"The most important thing we can do for our horses is to educate ourselves the best we can on principles & factors of health & soundness." -loosie on Horseforum.com

Friday, May 6, 2011

The World Seems Good :)

Texas is improving every day with more and more progress it seems. I was able to do a basic trim of his feet with the help of my best friend, Tweety, with absolutely no issues other than a troublesome looking back hoof. It's very overgrown and very cracked with a huge chunck missing. Thankfully, I have talked to a farrier who told me he is more than willing to help me work with him, and is well prepared for the feat ahead...I hope!! He sais he personally owns an off-tracker, and that his gelding, too, has issues with farriers. Must be a thoroughbred thing. Anyway, he said he's coming out tomorrow (Sat May 6, 2011) at 4pm, which, just happens to be the same time/date as the KENTUCKY DERBY!! Hell yes, I am going to have a derby party...what with Texas' background and all, it only seems fitting...not to mention I have always LOVED the Derby. I will be posting my picks for the Derby winner, as well as posting new pictures of Texas, as this is a very special day for him since his parents both raced on that track, as well as the fact that he has some winners in his lines (see my page: Texas: A History to learn more) and I will post pictures of his feet and the process the farrier takes me through also.

Since he has gained so much, I have been taking Tex on more rides. He is a very slow walker though and his canter is off, and I think it's due to his feet, so hopefully that will be fixed tomorrow. He has not spooked as of yet, and I think he is a very promising trail prospect, and with training would probably be just as good as Emma in the arena. I plan to take him on a real ride down Bermont when his feet are fixed since he is doing  so well. He has also, since he is feeling so much better, developed a bit of a repsect issue on the ground, and so I vow to work on that with him. I have even considered calling up a friend of mine who is a natural horsemanship trainer.  Tex is very impatient and doesn't like to stand, and if he wants to go somewhere, he will bulldoze me to get there. He's not skinny anymore- he's bulky, and so it's a little more intimidating, though I am not at all scared of him. But the situation needs to be cared for, none-the-less.

His coat is beautiful, and silky, and his full summer coat is in now. He's having problem with flies, so we are buying fly boots and sheets for him and the mares.

Other than that, the exciting day is tomorrow, so if you are following this blog, look forward to tomorrow!!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Worms, Worms, Worms,

Still battling the evil worms. I have used Ivamecterin, Safe Guard, and will soon be using Panacure. I have thought about daily dewormer, but the dosage to me, doesn't seem right. I think that's more for mantainance, than actually getting rid of the worms. I will also be talking to my vet about a possible fecal floatation, and trying to get my hands on the BIG dewormer that you have to use a calking gun with...should be fun lol. Until then, I have him on a regular schedule, twice a week, starting this week.

Texas however, despite the worms, is looking fantastic. You can't even feel the ribs, however the dip in his back is still prominant, but definately going away. He is a bit unthrifty appearing though, as his long coat is coming out, and I see a few spots of naked skin on his neck where I believe he either sratched it, or is developing sweet itch, which may have been what I thought was initially rain rot. Etither way, MTG is on the job!! I just hope is fur isn't coming out due to worms, and is simply his winter coat shedding.